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My Trip to Paris - January 14-19, 2004


January 14, 2003
5:00PM, PST, Los Angeles, CA - Los Angeles Airport (LAX)
Well, here I am sitting at the ticket counter getting ready for my flight. As I enter the airport, it's busy as ever. It's always busy at LAX but I didn't expect it to be this busy on a Wednesday evening. I walk over the Delta/Air France counter and check in my luggage. One for check in, one I will carry on the plane. I speak the to counter agent who gives me my boarding pass and asks the typical pre-flight questions.

"Has anyone given you something to carry for them?"
"Are you carrying any firearms?"

After the brief questionnaire I head over to security. They open my bags and rumble through them. Finding nothing, they let me head over to the X-Ray machine which went surprisingly quickly. The only snag was my fingernail clippers which they let me keep. Thanks guys! Slap my shoes back on and sit at the bar waiting to board.

At the bar I meet a nice lady heading to Atlanta, GA. Unfortunately her trip was not a nice one. Her father had just died and she was heading home for the funeral. I tried to carry on a conversation about something other than her father as she manages to down at least three heavy drinks. I felt really bad for her but I did all I could do which was to keep her mind off of it for a while. She soon leaves for her plane and I head to catch mine.

On the way to the gate I meet a French lady who, unfortunately, doesn't speak any English. I managed to test my French a little and basically tell her thanks for her time. As I wait at the gate they eventually start calling everyone to board the flight. Air France calls out instructions in French first (duh!) then in English. I do manage to pick up some of the information in French though they do speak very fast.

We eventually load up and with bags all packed, pull up the landing gear about an hour late. Let me tell you, Air France is the best Airline I have ever flown. They have great service, exquisite food and are very friendly and polite. They have the US Airlines beat to pieces. They even GIVE you headphones, eye blinders, ear plugs and all the things you need to be comfortable on a long flight.

As we head out on our non stop flight across the US and the Atlantic, I start up a conversation with the man seated next to me. He's from Morocco and is with his sister. Unfortunately they too have had a death in the family and they are flying back to Morocco via Paris to attend the funeral. After chatting for a brief while we all crash for the night. Other than the girl to my right and one row behind who wouldn't quit laughing at the in flight movie, the flight was perfect!


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